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At Top Countertop , our full service Design Build capabilities give you the quality you expect and deserve. Whether you are planning to build a new home, or remodel an existing one, Top Countertop can turn your ideas into reality with our fully computerized service and hands-on design team. Let our years of knowledge and experience work for you!

Customized High Quality Natural Granite / Marble / Quartz
We customize and professionally install Granite / Marble / Quartz countertops according to your kitchen & bathroom specifications along with your choice of edging requirements.

Design Solutions is a full service residential and commercial design/build firm specializing in custom remodels, additions and interior décor. Our innovative and creative designs have resulted in numerous awards, national recognition and most importantly, satisfied clients.


At Top Countertop, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer our clients a very wide selection of Granite. We purchase the most popular and also specialty granite materials that are quarried from Italy, Spain, Brazil and India. Should you have a special or custom color choice or material request in mind, we would be happy to offer you a much wider selection of granites through one of our supplier warehouses where you would be free to choose the actual slab or granite you prefer. There are usually over 500 slabs to choose from.

In our warehouse, our stone fabricators use the most modern system to cut and process your stone selection. Our granite is giving one preliminary seal at our location. We utilize high powered stone cutters to fabricate and cut all of our stones.

Our Installation technicians are experts in the field of stone installation and we pride ourselves on professionalism.  Installers are punctual, have very high standards in providing an outstanding renovation. We will ensure your home is left neat and clean upon our departure. A second application of sealer is performed at your home on site and our Installers will instruct you on the care and maintenance of your granite product. Each customer receives a Customer Satisfaction Survey whereby we greatly welcome any suggestions, comments or feedback you care to provide. We would also welcome any of our customers who care to provide us with photos to post on our web pages!

Quartz stone countertop maintenance and cleaning:

1) The surface of the countertop is generally not burnt by high temperature, but it should be avoided by direct exposure to high temperatures or long-term local heating of the countertop. Do not place hot household utensils directly on the table. It is recommended to use a pot with good insulation to protect your table.

2) Do not hit the table with heavy impact or sharp objects, especially in weak parts such as stoves and basins.

3) If there are rubber, nail polish, paint and other sticky materials that are particularly difficult to remove on the table, if necessary, use a knife to gently scrape off. When scraping, control the strength to avoid damage to the table.

4) In most cases, it is only necessary to clean the countertop with clean water.

Granite is a natural stone and as such can crack or break with excessive force. We strongly recommend that you keep this in mind while chopping or using heavy materials near your granite. Care should also be taken with items that are burnt or have extreme heat as granite can be seared or scorched.   Should you experience a crack or break, we can also offer you a repair service for nominal fees. Granite will require an easy to use liquid sealer product to be applied every three to six months to maintain its water resistance and shine. Our Installation Technicians can provide you with their granite sealer of choice with pricing available at your home.